Part 4 Project 2 Proportion Exercise 1 Quick studies


Draw a model in a comfortable position, make quick preliminary sketches then work on 2 larger 10 min drawings.



I found this exercise very exciting as its bringing me closer and close to what I’m so eager to learn.

I have realised by timing my self that I draw very slowly which is slightly frustrating as the time frames given don’t give me much time to let me depict the images to their best potential, I did think about taking longer on these but I want to give my tutor an exact idea of the progress I’m making and where I need work and what aspects I will need to improve on.

I asked my daughter to sit crossed legged on a dinning room chair for me, which she happily obliged.

Using smooth A4 paper I begun my 2 min sketches

My first 2 min sketch was With a 2H Pencil, I just used line to find the basic shape and look at the size that I wanted it to be on the paper.

Second 2 min sketch

Using charcoal medium 2 I did pretty much the same this time started from the middle of the body working my way outwards, The face on this one is drawn very child like and does not depict my daughter well. I managed to put in very limited amount of shadow but ran out of time before I could work on it any more.


Third 2 min sketch

I used a small piece of charcoal here focusing on the shapes of the body, The shoulders and arms were quite long planes and angular towards the ends of the elbow.

The knees were shorter fatter and rounded, I think I depicted the basic shape well in this image but she looks as though she could be floating on the chair, it would benefit from some darker shading under the right knee and left foot.

Fourth 2 min sketch

I used the charcoal pencil again for this next image, I wanted to see the picture dynamics would look like if I made all the limps in to a sharp/pointy almost diamonds shapes, this didn’t work too well as the legs looked to small for the body and didn’t portray foreshortening. (the legs being further out from the body-closer to me)

Fifth 2 min sketch

Here using the same charcoal pencil I roughly circled the main parts on the body overlapping them there was no tone or shade in this and does not depict my daughter but in its own way turned out a quite an effective little drawing.

2 larger 10 min drawings 

Using medium texture A3 paper, I deciding on my fine point brush pens, Like I have said previously I am still yet to build up on my drawing stock, and would have much preferred to use fine tip drawing pens.

I quite like this image it shows light from the yellow and if you look hard enough shows lots of little detail in a kind of erratic way, I used the darker colours for the darkest tone then gradually getting lighter with the colours for the lighter tones, I found this fun, My daughter was very critical of this image I’m not sure how she viewed this and what she didn’t like as she couldn’t explain to me but her in put is always taken with thanks.

I used a chunk of charcoal and covered the rest of the page as when it sat alone I felt with the white back ground it kind of got lost in the page.




For the next image I chose My charcoal pencil again, I still think I tend to play it safe on many of my exercises by my media choice but I am definitely starting to experiment more.

Further study moving around my model

I changed my angle slightly to the right of my model, Using brown ink and a small paint brush I quickly marked in mainly the tonal areas, under the chin and in between the arm were the darkest areas, I left most of the face and the knee as the light was shinning so bright on those areas.

In this next image this is where I leave my comfort zone, I moved around the model even further to the right, and chose oil pastel, Doing the same as in the previous image blocking in the darkest tone and shadows first, I was surprise that this worked out quite well as I find it hard to depict things accurately without a finely pointed end.

I must say I found this very difficult not using a rubber and seeing the mistakes on the page is irritating to me.


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