Part 4 Project 2 Exercise 2 A longer study


Draw an hour long pose with your chosen medium


For this exercise I chose to draw one of my female friends who was happy to life model for me wearing her underwear clothes.

I chose to use oil pastel for this as I find that this is my weakness.

I used A3 Thick cartridge paper. there was a slight natural lighting coming from the right hand side.

I am still desperately trying to become more free with my drawings but it is proving very difficult.


I started the drawing with a normal hard pencil and lightly sketched in the basic shape, then I done something which I know now was a big mistake as it did not work.

I am laughing while I write this remembering how silly I felt,

I decided that I was going to microwave the oil pastels, my theory behind this idea was that I could then use my brushes and have more control over the pastel going on to the paper.




So back to holding them I started with the darkest tones the black on the bra and then worked my way to white, in this image above I thought that I had finished but looking back at it a few days later I realised that there needed to be more shadow.




The image above is the final image and although Oil pastel is by far my most disliked medium I think that it turned out very well.


I feel that the body shows weight sitting on the chair although there is limited background I feel I have shown weight to the bottom and leg.

However I feel that the face looks too elongated and the angle it was wasn’t depicted well.

The right hand looks a little false to me and I don’t think I have shown it clutching the chair properly.



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