Assignment three

In preparation for this final piece I reviewed the exercises that I have undertaken for the whole of part three. Choosing the subject The norm is for me to struggle with my subject choice so I spent many hours talking with my family/friends and looking through places we’ve visited before I finally decided on the … More Assignment three

Assignment one

For my first assessment I found it exceptionally challenging to choose my objects that triggered a response in me, Immediately I thought these objects should be linked to my children so my first idea was my son Jack’s xbox remote as recently we have been having family discussions as to how long he should be … More Assignment one

Exercise 1 Experimenting with expressive lines and marks

Calm I felt completely overwhelmed before I started this exercise and had to keep walking away before I started, The scariest thing is that I’ve never actually put medium to paper with out thinking about it first. I was surprised with the result, the first line on the paper came from no where it felt … More Exercise 1 Experimenting with expressive lines and marks