Assignment four

Aim For this assignment you should complete two large figure studies (A1 size)and a portrait or self-portrait (any size) – three drawings in total, together with supporting studies, experiments, etc.   Research notes The first thing I read was,, 1. figure study using line A1 seated model in an upright chair. My first thought was what … More Assignment four

Part 4 Project 3 Form Exercise 1 Basic shapes

Aim Arrange your model in a chair block in the basic shapes, draw the model from different angles considering foreshortening and any lines of movement.   For the beginning of this exercise I started on my cheep white soft paper and used a pencil and amber oil pastel,(note = I’m still trying to include these) I used … More Part 4 Project 3 Form Exercise 1 Basic shapes

Assignment three

In preparation for this final piece I reviewed the exercises that I have undertaken for the whole of part three. Choosing the subject The norm is for me to struggle with my subject choice so I spent many hours talking with my family/friends and looking through places we’ve visited before I finally decided on the … More Assignment three